Q: Do we do Special FX?      

A: No, not currently at this time.



Q: Do we do body painting?  

 A: Nico: I am familiar with it and have dabled but I am better at abstract creative designs than I am actually painting costumes and designs.



Q: Do we sell makeup?

 A: Nico: No, I do not have my own cosmetic line and although I use many different brands, I do NOT sell any of them.



Q: Will we  travel to you?    

A: Yes, absolutely. Depending on where to and all of the details involved will determine the price. Please message us for more information.


Q: Will we teach you how to do your makeup?      

A: Nico: Yes, absolutely. I give a large group discount if you want to make a fun girls night out of it with your girlfriends but also offer private lessons. Price depends on what it is you are interested in learning. I would travel to you for this. Message me for more information.



Q: Can we do drag makeup?      

A: Hell yes! So much fun!



Q: What does MUA mean?      

A: MakeUp Artist



Q: Why do different Makeup Artists tell me different things?      

A: Nico: I truly believe that no real Makeup Artist is "wrong"  in what advice they give you. We all have different methods to our madness and what works for one artist might not work for another. That does not mean they are wrong, it means they gave you the best advice to your problem/question they could. Depending on the artists background and experience determines a lot. Every single person is different which means every single one of you will need a costumized makeup look that fits YOU.  (BEWARE: Thanks to social media and this day and age everyone and there mother says they are a Makeup Artist. Use your smarts here. You should be able to weed out the fakes the second you lay eyes on them or at the very least after talking to them. Be careful.)



Q: Do you do children's hair and/or makeup?    

A: DRS: Heck yes!


Q: Can you give me a facial or wax me?    

A: DRS: Technically speaking.... yes because we are licensed. Will we? Not as of now.



Q: Will we work for trade?      

A: DRS: Depends on the project but we are always open to discuss because we LOVE creating art so please don't hesitate to reach out. 



Q: Why should you choose DRS?      

A: Because we will become a part of your team for your big day and make you feel at home and relaxed. We take the worry out of your beauty regimen with confidence in our passion. Plus we are fun to work with. You'll see.


Q:  Do you offer hair lessons?

A: Ashlie: As of right now, no.

Q: Is Ashlie excepting new clients?

A: Ashlie: Not at this time.











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